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Body Treatments...

At Beauty by Christine, we can offer a wonderful range of body treatments to suit your needs. Whether it's invigorating, smoothing and polishing the skin tone, treatment to ease symptoms from insomnia, fatigue, stress to digestion, skin conditions and circulatory problems, easing muscle and tension pains or purely indulgent pampering we have the answer for you.

Luxury Spa Peeling (Phytomer)

A must before your holiday! A luxurious Phytomer Spa Peeling to soften, brighten and even out your skin tone – helping you to achieve the ultimate tan. (Allow 30 minutes)


Spray Tan

The ultimate full body spray tan using a selection of top brand names to ensure suitability to all skin types and achieve the shade required to suit you personally. (Allow 20 minutes)


*Why not combine the above two treatments for that extra special feeling.

(Allow 45 minutes)



Aromatherapy seeks to help in providing and maintaining a balance of mental and physical health. Essential oils have many different proven healing qualities. Using gentle massage, the action of deeply penetrating oils address many symptoms such as stress, fatigue, digestive problems and circulatory problems. (Allow from 30 minutes)

From £20.00

Ionic Detox

The revolutionary way to rebalance, re-energise and detoxify your body. The benefits of the Ionic Detox foot spa treatment include detoxification, stimulation and rebalancing of the body’s energy meridians and increased cellular metabolic rates & ATP production. ATP is a natural body chemical that extracts energy from foods and makes it available for numerous physiological functions of the body. (Allow 30 minutes)


Course of 6 treatments £95.00

Other Treatments

Individual or personalised treatments may be available from time to time. As a forward thinking salon we are always reviewing new techniques and treatments, these will be introduced for clients consideration on our website. For further information or to make an enquiry please call Christine on 01709 517961